The Best Laptop Bags for Men in India

As you might have guessed from the title, this ultimate collection of best laptop bags in India is the one-stop solution for every man.

The featured 36 laptop bags are categorised into various sections. This includes the best laptop bags for college students and working professionals.

Moreover, this collection features laptop bags in the price range of ₹400 to ₹2500. This can help you in getting the best laptop bags available in your budget in India.

What’s more? All of these functional laptop bags are available online, which means anyone can get them anywhere.

Besides, after the collection, we have dedicated sections, which can work as a reference to you. These sections include why you need a laptop backpack and what to look in a laptop backpack.

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Best Laptop Bags for Men in under Rs ₹1000

Are you running tight on budget? No worries! Our team has picked the best laptop bags for men in India at an affordable price in this budget section.

F Gear Luxur Laptop Backpack

best laptop bags for men under 1000

The #1 bestseller in laptop backpacks, F Gear Luxur backpack is a style statement and what the internet calls a ‘mature bag’ ;). 

The synthetic material used in the build makes it water-resistant as well as lightweight. Therefore, your important device, as well as documents or notebooks, will be safe in the rain.

In addition to the lightweight, the compact dimensions of 33cms x 20cms x 44cms and strong padding on the shoulder straps make it easy to carry.

It has a capacity of 25L with the two full compartments.

The front compartment has three pockets to organise small gadgets and accessories.

The back compartment has a laptop sleeve as well as space for storing other essentials. In the laptop sleeve, you can easily place a 15.6” laptop.

Moreover, it has two quick-access pockets on the front and a bottle holder on the side.

The entire laptop backpack is double stitched for durability.

With all this, you get a one-year manufacturer warranty.

The Black colour variant of this laptop backpack is also hot on Amazon’s bestseller list.

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Similar laptop backpacks in India:

F Gear Laptop Backpack for Office
F Gear CEO
Fur Jaden Laptop Backpack
Fur Jaden Laptop Backpack
gear laptop backpack
GEAR Laptop Backpack

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HP Express Laptop Backpack

best laptop bags for men from HP

We don’t think a list of the best laptop bags in India can complete without having an HP laptop backpack.

HP Express is one of their latest backpacks selling high on online stores. The major contributor to this high success is its inexpensive price tag for industry-standard features. 

The specifications of this affordable laptop bag for men include internal mess organiser, padded adjustable shoulder straps, multiple compartments, back padding, top handle, durable polyester build and so forth.

The sturdy material will last for a long time.

Talking about the looks, the front face is divided into two sections. The front also has a miniature HP branding on the top.

Summing up, this laptop backpack from HP is all you can ask for at such an inexpensive price tag.

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Can you spend more on a quality laptop backpack from a top brand like HP? Here are some other choices in ascending order of the prices:

HP active laptop backpack
HP Active Laptop Backpack
HPs' best laptop backpacks in India Duotone Grey and Green
HP Duotone
OMEN by HP multipurpose laptop backpack
Omen by HP (Multipurpose Laptop Backpack)
HP Odyssey
HP Odyssey
HP Omen Armored
HP Omen Armored

Laptop Backpack for College: Novex Polyester

Novex Polyester Minimalist Laptop Backpack for College

Clean! Functional! Affordable!

These three words are all you need to describe this Novex’s minimalist backpack for laptops.

It is clean due to its no-nonsense design with grey and black colour. The 15.6-inch laptop sleeve and soft casing on the lightweight build make it functional. And of course, the price tag makes it affordable.

The main compartment has a laptop sleeve, multiple pockets for storing accessories and space for storing your books for college or a pair of clothes on a trip.

The water-resistant polyester build weighs around 500 grams and has back padding, padded top handle and adjustable padded shoulder straps.

On the front face, it has a quick access pocket in the black coloured section on the bottom.

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Similar laptop backpack from Lenovo at the same price:

Lenovo Blue Minimalist Backpack
Lenovo Laptop Backpack

If you can spend just more than ₹1000, we also suggest you have a look at this high-rated anti-theft backpack from Novex.

Novex Anti Theft Minimalist Backpack
Novex Anti-Theft Backpack

Business Laptop Backpack for Men: Fur Jaden

Zofey Business Laptop Backpack

This business laptop backpack from Fur Jaden packs some of the most outstanding features in an elegant grey and black body.  The durable oxford fabric built is water-resistant and easy to clean. 

Moreover, the sophisticated design makes it apt for use in both office and college.

The sole spacious compartment has a laptop sleeve on one side and several pockets on the other. The laptop sleeve can accommodate laptops of screen size up to 15.6”. Similarly, the number of pockets will help you in organising the accessories.

What makes this laptop bag for men in India unique is its anti-theft design with zipper closure on the back. This feature can be helpful to men who travel in public transport.

Another special feature of the backpack is you can charge your smartphone on the go with an attached charging dock. This charging dock needs to be connected with a power bank inside the bag.

The most interesting thing? All this comes at a price tag of less than ₹1000.

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Similar Anti Theft Backpacks:

deal outlet anti theft backpack
Vebeto Anti Theft Laptop Backpack

Best Laptop Bags for Men in Under ₹500

Laptop bags priced below ₹500 are super affordable. Here are some of our favourite laptop bags for men in the price range:

Wesley Milestone Backpack Under 500

best office laptop bag under 500 - Wesley

Your quest for an affordable laptop backpack will end with the Mesley Milestone Laptop Backpack.

With two compartments and a front pocket, it has a capacity of 30L. The dedicated laptop sleeve, present in the back compartment, can accommodate a 15.6-inch device.

The water-resistant build has anti-sweat fabric on the padded back to make the carrying easy and comfortable.

On the side, it has a stretchable bottle holder.

The two-compartment backpack priced at ₹500 is available in three colours: charcoal black, blue and black, and grey and black.

One compartment laptop backpack from Wesley
One-compartment variant

The one-compartment version, priced at ₹420, is available in grey and black colour options.

In short, if you are looking for small to mid-size laptop backpack at an affordable price tag, nothing gets better than this slim hunk.

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POLE STAR Laptop Backpack

POLE STAR School Backpack

POLE STAR, a leading manufacturer of the budget segment has packed the most essential features of a laptop backpack in this best selling product.

Coming in the appealing red and black colour combination, this polyester backpack can store a volume of up to 30 litres in the water-resistant build.

The padded back has a secure pocket. It can be quite useful for storing valuable documents and accessories like ID Card, mobile, cash, etc in a more protected environment.

Adjustable padded shoulder straps are ergonomically designed for convenience.

The outer dimensions of this bag measures 46cms x 32cms x 20cms (LWH) with two compartments.

A Black colour variant of this backpack is available.

Moreover, you also get a seller and manufacturer’s warranty.

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Similar low priced laptop bags in India:

polestar backpack under 500

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ASUS’s Daily Laptop Backpack

ASUS's best laptop bag for men in India

Coming from a brand like ASUS, this laptop backpack is a no-regret buy at the price of less than ₹500.

It doesn’t offer anything fancy like large volume, a number of pockets or a USB port. But, it performs without fail on the fundamental function of a daily laptop backpack for both college students or working professionals. 

Other than having plenty of space for things like books or diary, the sole compartment has a padded sleeve for a laptop (15.6-inch) with hook and loop fastener. 

The front face has a full-size quick access pocket.

The lightweight, polyester material construct has a commendable build quality. We also loved the smooth zipper closure in the main compartment as well as in the front pocket.

On the padded back are adjustable shoulder straps. You’ll love the highly padded top handle, which gives convenience while holding the backpack in hand.

In short, it is a “quick grab product” without any hesitation at an affordable price for outstanding performance.

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Another amazing laptop bag from ASUS (it is priced around ₹1400)

Best Laptop Bags in 2021 for under ₹2500

If you are looking for a laptop bag from one of the top brands in India, this is the price range you’ll be required to invest.

In the price range of ₹1500 to ₹2500, you can get backpacks from top brands like American Tourister, Dell, Lenovo, Skybags, etc.

With the high price, comes a number of benefits including large volume, multiple compartments, superior build quality, ergonomic design for convenience and security and so on.

Gods Ghost Minimalist Laptop Bag for Men

Gods Ghost Minimalist Laptop Bag for Men

The #1 bestseller in Fashion and one of the highest-rated backpacks on Amazon, this laptop backpack from Gods has a dope minimalist design to make onlookers go wow!

It comes in a patented revolutionary design from Ghost. 

What makes the design special is that the inner sanctum can only be accessed from the back. While the outer shell is strengthened with unbreakable fibre embedded sheets for theft and pick-pocketing protection.

This not only makes it unique but also secure from unauthorized access by anyone around.

This newer version has improved material quality and construction along with new features like auto-lock zippers instead of velcro straps.

The main compartment opens 180 degrees. Inside the compartment is a six-point stretchable mechanism for providing a comfortable fit for laptops of up to 15.6 inches. 

On the opposite side of the laptop sleeve are smartly designed pockets in various sizes for clutterless efficient organisation.

The only downside of buying laptop bags like the GODS Ghost is that they can’t be used for casual purpose.

Hence, if you’re looking for a laptop backpack to use only in office or college, this is one of the masterpieces.

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Similar laptop bags for men in India from GODS

laptop backpack with iron man on the front face

This laptop backpack is available in four different front faces of Black Panther, Iron Man, Rudra, and Spider-Man.

View this backpack

POLICE Hedge Laptop Backpack Under 1500

Are you looking for a laptop bag in India, which boasts eye-catching aesthetics and strong build to complement your sporty look on the bike? Then, this spacious laptop bag from POLICE, the Italian fashion accessory brand, can be a perfect choice.

Made from lightweight and durable polyester, it has three full compartments and one front pocket. The front pocket will be your quick access pocket to store tickets, IDs, and small accessories, which you use frequently. Together, they have a capacity of 30L to carry your files, books, clothes (if on travel mode), and accessories along with your laptop.

On the front, it has classic-recognizable POLICE branding. On the top and back, it has padded handle and straps to carry the load with comfort. The anti-sweat air mesh padded back also plays an important role in carrying comfort. For extra security, it also has an adjustable chest strap.

POLICE laptop bag back side profile

On top of all this, this branded laptop bag comes at an affordable price tag of ₹1500.

In short, this tear and abrasion-resistant laptop bag will be a perfect carrier on the bike. Grab it now to continue your energetic journey.

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American Tourister Laptop Bag for Men in India

American Tourister's best laptop bag for men in India

Before everything else, we can appreciate how gorgeous this laptop backpack from American Tourister looks. 

The stunning appearance with geometry shapes makes it a hot choice for college students.

Moving ahead, the rain cover protected body is divided into three compartments for storing a volume of up to 30L. 

These compartments are supported by a front face pocket, one zippered side pocket, a bottle pouch, a key holder, and a 15-inch laptop compartment.

Adding to these are a smart organiser, highly padded back and shoulder straps.

red American Touristers' best laptop backpacks in India

Other colour variants are also available.

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Other laptop backpacks from AMT

American Tourister grey backpack
American Tourister Grey
amt olive
Olive American Tourister
American Tourister Grey Laptop Backpack
American Tourister Backpack 32L

Best Tommy Hilfiger Laptop Backpack

best Tommy Hilfiger laptop bag in India

In the classic Tommy Hilfiger aesthetics, this Bikers Club laptop bag has everything to become your favourite carrier.

Whenever you touch its polyester build, you fall in love with the smoothness of its soft casing. The classic navy blue and crimson red front face with Hilfiger branding will make onlookers fall in love with it.

On functional front, it can store a volume of about 22L with its two compartments, which measures 32 cm X 15 cm X 45 cm (LWH). These compact dimensions and soft padding makes the carrying comfortable on the bike or walk.

The dedicated laptop sleeve can store devices of up to 15 inches. For extra security, while travelling, the sleeve is lightly padded and has a strap on the top.

tommy hilfiger back profile

Of course, we do not have to mention industry standard features for the price like water-resistant, wear resistance, padded top handle, and so forth.

In short, this laptop backpack is an excellent choice for any student or young male who wish to boast a fresh look on his back.

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Skybags Laptop Backpacks

Casual Laptop Backpack

skybags under 1500

Skybags, the household names among backpack carriers launched this laptop backpack in 2016.

Yet, it still ranks #1 in Amazon bestsellers list. This popularity for the bag comes from its exceptional performance and evergreen looks for every occasion. College students and working professionals of any gender can use it.

skybags teckie side profile when filled

The massive capacity of 42L comes from three compartments. The first compartment has an internal mess organiser to keep your frequently used articles handy. Also, it has a front face pocket and bottle holders on both sides.

skybags with water cover

The nylon build is not water-resistant, but it does have a rain cover. You can access the rain and dust cover from the bottom zipper.

Apart from the standard back and strap padding, it also has base padding. It safeguards your device from the jerks while travelling.

All these come at an affordable price tag (₹1400) for a branded backpack.

On top of all this, you get a 12-month international manufacturer warranty.

What are you waiting for? Buy it now to have a stylish daily driver.

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Teckie Laptop Backpack

Skybags' Best Laptop Bag for Men in India

One of the finest laptop bags in the list, Skybags Tekie is something you’ve been craving in nylon material from an industry leader like Skybags.

It packs some of the latest and functional features of a laptop backpack in a stylish geometry design.

Unlike the technical backpacks, the design of this backpack makes it useful even when using it for casual purposes like trip or shopping.

The 30L of volume gives you plenty of space to store clothes, accessories and books other than a laptop of up to 17 inches.

In the first compartment, an internal organiser and zippered pockets are present for avoiding the mess with small things.

The back is cushioned. The shoulder straps, as well as the top handle, are padded for convenience while carrying it or holding it in hands.

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Other great options from Skybags:

black skybags under 1500
Black Skybags (₹1200)
Skybags blue backpack
Skybags (₹1200)
Skybags herios 17inch laptop backpack
Skybags Heroies (₹1500)

Spacious Laptop Backpack

AmazonBasics laptop backpack
AmazonBasics Laptop Backpack

Wildcraft’s Best Laptop Bags for Men Under 2000

Wilfcraft's Best Laptop Bag for Men in India

This polyester build water-resistant backpack from Wildcraft is a what we call a classic laptop backpack.

Coming with a storage capacity of about 27L, this three-compartment backpack has dimensions of about 36cms x 13cms x50 cms. Even with these dimensions, it weighs only around 350 grams, thanks to its lightweight construction.

Besides, the large storage capacity allows you to store a pair of clothes along with the device and its accessories.

The laptop sleeve, which is present in the back compartment, can easily accommodate a device of 14 inches. Unfortunately, the padded sleeve doesn’t have a velcro strap.

The blue colour on the front face with the black bottom creates a pleasing experience.

With all this, you get a 5 years manufacturer’s warranty.

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Other option for laptop bags for men in India from Wildcraft:

Wildcraft work backpack
Wildcraft Work Under ₹2000 (available in multiple colours)

Special Recommendation: Suntop Dexter Convertible Laptop Backpack

suntop multi utility laptop backpack

First thing first, it is not an only laptop backpack but also a laptop handbag and a laptop messenger bag. All these make it a perfect choice for different utilities. It is specially designed for professionals taking into consideration your needs.

Nylon, Polyester and faux leather (synthetic leather) are used in the build of the backpack for style, durability and water-resistant capabilities.

It has two compartments and a zippered pocket in the front for storing your documents, files, laptop and accessories with ease. The padded laptop compartment can store devices of up to 15.4 inches. The front compartment also has small pockets. These small pockets help in organising small stuff and avoiding clutter in the compartment due to business cards, mobile phone, pen, diary, etc.

Even with all these amazing features, it doesn’t touch the ₹1500 price mark.

Other than the pictured brown leather colour, it is also available in Blue, Grey and Wine colours.

View Ratings and Price

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See more Canvas Backpacks.

Why you need a laptop backpack

Laptops are playing an essential role in a globalised world where everything is digital and a single click away. It is becoming essential to keep this machine safe and sound while you travel to the office, client or institute. Moreover, to keep it safe you need a shielding laptop backpack.

The best laptop backpack is not only protective and a shield for your device but also has a charming design, which engages the onlookers.  This is why we compiled this catalogue of best laptop bags in India.

What to Look in Laptop Bag for Men in 2021?

The definition of best may vary according to your needs and dimensions of your gadget. However, there are certain parameters, which you should consider before buying a laptop backpack in India in 2021, which includes:

Volume or space in the Backpack

The primary purpose of your laptop bag is to store your laptop and other necessary accessories. These accessories may include a charger, headphones, mouse, external storage devices (pen drive, hard disk drive, etc.), cooling pads and so forth with ease. In addition, you might be required to put a notebook or diary for note-taking purposes in the school, college or office.

A laptop with small compartments and a very low number of pockets may not satisfy your needs.  On the other hand, an extra spacious backpack will make it unstable in transit.

A separate bottle or sipper holder on sides is also necessary for a great laptop backpack. In absence of it, a leak from the bottle can damage your laptop.

Quality of the Build Material

Above all, the quality of material used in the build of the backpack will determine its durability. Durability is a prime factor most buyers seek in the best backpack. In India, laptop bags made of leather, nylon, polyester, canvas, etc., are available online.

The material should be water-resistant to shield your device or should have an integrated rain cover to protect your laptop in monsoon or from splashes of water.

Secondly, the backpack should have enough padding on the shoulder strap, hip belt and backside to avoid back pain to the individual carrying it. The laptop compartment should also have thick padding to soak up shocks during travel and act as a shield.

For durability and consistent performance, metal zippers are preferred over the plastic one.

Design of the Laptop Backpack

A great product has an engaging design and the same applies when the product is the best laptop backpack. The design of the backpack should not be outdated. It could be missing some new but worthwhile features and specifications. For instance, this list may include USB charging port, Anti-theft with the lock system, anti-back pain padding and mobile phone holder.

In the case of a colourful backpack, the colour palette should not be too bright or too light to create eye discomfort.

If the front face of the backpack has some text, make sure it does not cover all the space. Generally, backpacks for formal applications are not preferred with heavy text.

Convenience in carrying the Laptop Bag

The backpack should be convenient to carry around with multiple straps on different locations to clutch it in diverse ways according to the comfort of the person carrying it.

As mentioned earlier in the material quality section, the backpack should be lightweight and have enough padding to avoid back pain and protect your precious laptop from any sort of damage.

The compartments and pockets should be easily accessible (of course, other than secret pockets ;-)).

Price of the Laptop Backpack

A laptop backpack is one of the first accessories you are going to buy for a laptop, which is also essential for carrying it around.

Unless you have a good budget and the backpack has a good cost to benefit ratio with superior material quality and design, premium laptop bags are not preferred.

On the other hand, a cheap laptop backpack may not give the performance for a longer period with a poor-quality build material.

In all, the backpack should worth its price at a greater cost to benefit ratio. This guide includes a list of the 36 best laptop bags for men in India worth their price. Check them out by scrolling up.

You can continue your reading on how to select a laptop backpack on The Verge.

All product images are fetched from and respective brand websites at the time of writing this list. If you observe any changes please let us know in the comment box. Best Bags India doesn’t own the images.

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