Best Lunch Bags in India for School and Office [Latest 2019 Version]

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You could be carrying lunch to the office, college or school as the consequence of a number of reasons. The list of reasons may include the frequent healthy diet, cost-saving measure, or love for delicious meals prepared by mother or spouse.

Or you just don’t want to get the headache for selecting the lunch everyday like me.

Whatever the reason be, you need a lunch bag to carry it. Of course, you don’t want to carry a childish looking lunch bag with cartoon characters on it to the office or a full-size formal lunch bag to school. Each place needs a different type of lunch bag. This is why this catalogue has space for all types of best lunch bags in India. These different types of best lunch bags online in India will cater to all your needs. Whether it be lunch bags for work or school or college or a picnic, we have got it all.

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Best Lunch Bags for Office in India (2019)

After hours of work in the office, all you need to do is eat tasty home lunch in calm to energize yourself to take on the remaining day. These best lunch bags for work are easily available online in India in 2019.

H&B Jute Lunch Bag for Adults in India

h&b jute lunch bags beige colour

It may sound flattering but H&B delivers one of the finest range of jute lunch bags in India. This has inspired us to start this list of best lunch bags for office in India with this minimalist lunch bag for adults.

Talking specifically about this lunch bag for adults in India, it is a bestseller in shopping bags and baskets category on Amazon. The first factor contributing to this is the ban on plastic and growing awareness about reusable bags among shoppers. Secondly, it has three compartments, each having different functionalities to make things more organised. Last but not least is the beautiful image of cutlery on the front face of the lunch bag.

h&b jute lunch bag for adults in India empty

In addition, this beige colour lunch bag for office is also available in a set of two and three bags.

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Fatmug Insulated Best Lunch Bag for Women in India

Fatmug lunch bags for office women in India

One of cutest lunch bags for women in India, this Fatmug insulated lunch bag will look perfect on the sides of your brown office desk. If you want a more girly look for the picnic, you can go with pink or purple colour variants of this insulated lunch bag in India.

The compact cuboid dimensions make it easy to carry in hand with the wide cotton handle on the top.

Fatmug lunch bag for women pink and purple

This stylish lunch bag has a 5mm insulating layer sandwiched between the outer polyester material and internal linings. This insulating layer provides thermal resistance capabilities to the lunch bag.

In short, it is one of the best lunch bags for office women in India.

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Pranjal’s House Lunch Bag for Office Women

Pranjals House Denim lunch bag for office women black

Pranjal’s House or as commonly called as PH is a well-known name for leather products on online marketplaces. This vertical denim lunch bag for office women in India from the Pranjal’s House has heavy denim in the construct.

The Interiors of this lunch bag for women reserves space for water-bottle.

The two top handle are stitched properly and are going to stay for long. Six colour options give you the opportunity to carry lunch to the office in your favourite colour. The colour options include black, green, blue, red, maroon and brown.

Pranjals House lunch bag for office women black and maroon

In short, ladies be ready to carry delicious lunch in style with a no-nonsense design at an affordable price.

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Allforasmile Canvas Best Lunch Bag for Men in India

Allforasmile x-large canvas lunch bag in India

Beautiful canvas bags have always made to our catalogues and this beautiful lunch bag for men from Allforasmile is no different. It is available in two sizes: regular and x-large.

The x-large best lunch bag for adults has some additional features like a career strap, bottle holder, spoon holder and napkin pouch other than the bigger dimensions. Also, as of now, the regular version (pictured below) has only one camel colour option.

Allforasmile regular canvas lunch bags for men in India

On the other hand, the x-large has a plethora of colour variants including beige, grey, brown, yellow, camel and olive green.

This canvas lunch bag for office and picnic can be used by anyone in the family thanks to its unisex design.

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Right Choice Denim and Silk Cloth Lunch Bags for Office Men in India

Right Choice denim lunch bag for school, college and office in red and green

These Right Choice lunch bags for men come in a pack of two are one of the most versatile lunch bags in India. They can be used as lunch bags for school, lunch bags for college and lunch bags for office in India other than a picnic lunch bag.

In the outer material of these lunch bags, silk cloth is used while denim is used in the inner material.

Black and Beige Best Lunch Bag for men from right choice in India

The classic design of the lunch bag has a zippered pocket on the front and a bottle pouch on the side. The primary closure uses dual zippers with double straps for easy carrying.

It is also available in black and beige colour pack option. The black and beige colour variant have polyester in the build.

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H&B Jute Lunch Bag for Women in India

H&B cute lunch bag for women in India

Another cute lunch bag from the house of H&B which is a perfect choice for girls in India. The front face of this jute lunch bag for girls has beautiful light white heart shapes on the dark crimson background to stand out.

Like the other minimalist best lunch bags, it also has three sections in the compartment. One for storing the main lunch box, second for storing water-bottle and third for storing cutleries.

H&B lunch bag for women in India upside down

The zip closure on the top makes the belongings safe, especially when you are using it as a grocery shopping bag.

The jute build material of the lunch bag is dirt-resistant and LDPE food-grade lining is used in the interiors.

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Best Lunch Bags for School in India (2019)

Eating tiffin in school and chit-chatting with friends will create more memories than anything else in your life.

School lunch bags in India need to be stylish to align with your personality. In this catalogue of best lunch bags for school, we have more emphasised in colours to share the vibe. Also, the lunch bag for school should develop a chemistry with the school backpack in terms of design.

Special lunch bags for kids have compact dimensions,  so your little one can carry them comfortably.

iStorm Polyester Lunch Bag in India

iStorm polyester lunch bag in India orange colour

Polyester as a building material in the bags has increased their durability and decreased the price. This affordable lunch bag for school from iStorm is a perfect bet if you want a polyester lunch bag in India.

The exteriors of this lunch bag for school have a zippered pocket and mesh water bottle holder. For flexibility in carrying the lunch bag, it has both shoulder strap as well as a dual strap for carrying in hands.

iStorm best lunch bag in India teal and pink colour

The lightweight material is also water-resistant and has soft padding.

You get options to select from the sky blue, pink and orange colour variants.

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eSwaraa Lunch Bag for Girls Kid to School in India

eSwaraa lunch bag for girls kids to school in India

Barbie is loved by every girl kid. The same love for Barbie is shared by this pink lunch bag for girl kids in India in polypropylene build. This best school lunch bag will make the tiffin carrying of your princess more fun.

In the functionality dimension, this lunch bag for girl kids has a bottle pouch on one side. The interiors of this lunch bag for girl kids to school are closed by a zip. Two straps on the top of the water-resistant lunch bag for school evenly distribute the load. This for sure will increase the lifespan of the lunch bag.

eSwaraa cute lunch bags for girl kids in India

In addition to all these, the voluminous capacity (for a lunch bag in India) allows carrying a snack box easily with the tiffin and water-bottle.

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Li’ll Pumpkins Nylon Lunch Bag for Kids in India

li'll pumpkins kids lunch bag in India

What is a great option in lunch bags to gift a child who loves sports? Nothing better than this blue sling bag which features football, basketball and rugby on the front face. The yellow zippers and sides complete to the beauty of this lunch bag for school kids.

This insulated lunch bag for school uses nylon as the build material. The lunch bag features a water bottle pouch on one of the sides other than the voluminous primary compartment.

li'll pumpkins best lunch bags for school in India upside down

For children of different heights, the adjustable strap will make the carrying easy.

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Shopaholic Lunch Bag for School Kids

Shopaholic lunch bag for school kids in India

We are wrapping our catalogue of best lunch bags for school with this box-shaped lunch bag for school kids in India which features a graphic design on the front face. Other than the pictured ‘my space travels’ graphic design, it also features butterfly dreams and dreamlike a unicorn on the front face. You can select the lunch bag according to the child’s interest and gender.

Shopaholic lunch bag for school kids in India blue and pink

The back face of this polyester lunch bag for school kids has a zippered pocket which can be used for storing cutleries. In addition, on one side it has a bottle pouch for accommodating water bottles.

It has two modes of carrying: one with the detachable shoulder strap and other with top handle.

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We have tried our best to fetch the most accurate details and specifications about the bags from various sources and present them to you in an unbiased opinion but if you think we lagged somewhere please let us know in the comment box. Also, we might earn a commission if you purchase any messenger bag from links mentioned in this guide but we promise you, it doesn’t affect either the price to you or our opinion about the bags.

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