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The 20 Best Backpacks for School Students (2021)

It doesn’t matter in which class or school you’re, you need the best school backpack to carry the books, notebooks, devices and Tiffin. It is a dominant gear like your books, uniform, and shoes which needs to be the spokesperson of your personality. This is why we compiled this list of best backpacks for school students in India.

This is the most comprehensive guide on school backpacks in India. In fact, it features the maximum number of quality backpacks for school students in plenty of price ranges and materials.

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Students from different classes, gender and school require different types of school backpacks according to their needs and budget. Consequently, this list of best school backpacks in India is heterogeneous. Most of the school backpacks in this compilation are unisex but we also have included gender-specific backpacks.

Later, in this guide after listing the best school backpacks in India, we have also included a guide. The guide will be helpful in selecting the best school backpack in India according to your needs. This includes factors like space, durability, construct material, additional features and of course the price. You can jump straight to the guide from the index at the top of the page.

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Top School Backpack Brands in India 2021

  • American Tourister
  • Chris and Kate
  • F Gear
  • Safari
  • Skybags
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Wildcraft

Best Backpacks for School in India Under ₹1500

This is the perfect price range where you can find the best school backpacks in India which are neither expensive nor use a cheap material in the build. Instead, you can find great stylish school backpacks in India from industry leaders in this price range. 

Best Creative Backpack for School Students in India

American Tourister doodle Backpack for school students

The latest entry to this guide and one of our favourite choice from the entire list is American Tourister Doodle backpack for school students. And we are not shooting it in the air. There are plenty of reasons behind it.

As you might have guessed the first reason is the beautiful doodles on the front of the backpack. The best part about these blank doodles is that you can fill them the way you want with your friends in a boring class to showcase your doodling quotient.

The second reason is the catchy contrasting colour combinations of black, white and orange. And the best part of this contrasting colour combination is its characteristics to go well with school uniform of any colour.

American Tourister doodle backpack

Talking about the technical features of the school backpack, it has three full compartments and one front pocket. The first compartment from the front features an internal organiser. This internal organiser can be pretty handy if you want to avoid the mess created by small articles. In the build of the backpack, Double Dot Polyester Fabric is used.

Along with the backpack, you get a name tag and rain hood.

Other than this, this backpack is also available in a text doodle.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss the chance to be a talking point of the class by buying this adorable backpack for school.

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Best Water-resistant Backpack for School in India

If you travel to school on bicycle or bike, you need a best water-resistant school backpack. A water-resistant school backpack will be a saviour for you in monsoon season by shielding your essentials from the rain.

Wildcraft best school backpack

We are going with the ‘Wildcraft 35 L Casual’ as the best water-resistant school backpack in India. The nylon build makes it light even with the large storage capacity and padding on the back and shoulder straps.

The storage capacity of this water-resistant school backpack is divided into two compartments. Other than this, the Wildcraft branding on the front face in the form of beautiful typography is mesmerising. In addition, Wildcraft gives a 5-year manufacturer warranty with this backpack.

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Best Latest School Backpack in India

This section houses the latest school backpack in India which is being loved by school students all over the country. And our latest addition to best school backpacks in India comes from the backpack giant Skybags in the form of Skybags Bingo Plus.

latest school backpack in India: Skybags Bingo

Under the name of Bingo Plus, you get choice to select from 6 best school backpacks. These six backpacks are in different colours and design. The list includes green, red and sea green other than pictured blue, pink and grey colour designs.

All of these best school backpacks in India have polyester material in the construct of three lightweight compartments. The interiors of the front compartment have a smart internal organiser. For superior comfort while carrying through shoulder straps or top handle, they are padded.

If you are looking for something fresh and functional for school, these latest and best school backpacks are the pick for you.

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Best Typography School Backpack in India

Many school going students, which include myself when I was in school, prefer beautiful typography on the front face of their school backpack. It can be an inspiring quote, a witty one linear, or the branding. This types of best school backpack also engage the bystanders.

F Gear Best School Backpack

‘F Gear Burner P8’ is our choice as the best school backpack in India with typography. The slim school backpack from F Gear in grey and white colour has two compartments. One of these compartments has a laptop sleeve to fit laptops of up to 13 inches diagonally. The contrasting orange interiors make it stand out among the peers.

In addition, the small pouches on sides accommodate more frequently used items which can be pretty handy.

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Best School Backpack in India for Sports

A sports school backpack can be your carrying partner if you play sports in the school or go to a sports academy straight from school.

Urban Tribe backpack with shoe compartment and internal mess organiser

We have selected “Urban Tribe FitPack Series Backpack” as best school backpack in India for sports. This school backpack has a versatile ergonomic design for sports person. It features a separate shoe compartment from the primary compartment. One side of this best school backpack has a vertical cluster of organising pockets while the other one has a bottle pouch. In short, it has laptop compatibility for devices of size 15.6 inches.

To sum up, this water-resistant school backpack in the polyester build can choice for anyone in the budget which is reflected in high customer reviews.

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Best Colourful School Backpack in India

As stated later in this guide, a best school backpack in India needs to be your style spokesperson. Students with a vibrant personality prefer festive school backpacks in vibrant colour combinations. This is why we are having a colourful school backpack from Skybags in this guide of the best school backpacks in India.

Skybags Colourful School Backpack

The primary teal colour is in combination with yellow and dark blue to share the vibe with onlookers. Other than the festive colour combination, it has the Skybags branding in interesting ancient typography.

The backpack has a compact build and weighs around 400 grams. The front face pocket and two full compartments use butterfly lock in the zippers. The top handle and shoulder straps are padded along with the AIR MESH padding on the back.

You also get a 12-month international warranty from the manufacturer.

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Best School Backpack in India With Rain Cover

If you didn’t like the best water-resistant school backpack, you can go with Safari School Backpack, which is our choice for best school backpack in India with rain cover. The cover not only protects your backpack and essentials from rain but also from dust.

Safari Music Theme Dark Grey School Backpack

This crafty school backpack in India tempts especially the music lovers to buy with the oil paint graphics of boom box and “Music is my religion” quote on the front face.

This school backpack has two full compartments, a small compartment and a front face pocket to accommodate all your books and accessories in the polyester build. Again, if you don’t prefer this dark colour combination, you can with the available off-white colour variant.

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Wildcraft Wolf Water-resistant School Backpack in India

Wildcraft Wolf Water-resistant School Backpack

Do you need the motivation to stay spirited throughout the day in school? Well, the wolf on the front face of this Wildcraft school backpack can be a source of energy for you.

It is the most spacious backpack in this list of best school backpacks in India at an affordable price from one of the industry leaders. All these make it my second choice for a water-resistant school backpack in India.

The outer material is made of Nylon with dimensions 10.5 inches x 13.5 inches x 19 inches and has three compartments for storing your books, notebooks, documents and other essentials. It weighs only 400 grams with the lightweight construction plus padding on the back and shoulders for convenience.

The side pocket for carrying bottles in this school backpack is made of fabric.
Additionally, the multilevel organiser in the backpack can be handy for managing your go-to essentials with ease.

You also get a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

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American Tourister School Backpack in India

American Tourister School Backpack

This bestseller school backpack (in bags, wallet and luggage on is made of double dot polyester fabric and has a cool black colour design with American Tourister written on it in gradient colours. The blue metallic zippers for extended durability complete the pop outfit.

Both sides are equipped with side pockets to house sippers or bottles and umbrella.

It is also water-resistant to protect your documents, books and notebooks but doesn’t have a dedicated laptop compartment or sleeve to protect your electronic devices from shocks or jerks.

The padded shoulder straps are adjustable.

It also has two straps on the top, one with padding for holding it in hands with convenience and another for hanging it.

The dimensions are 33cms x 22cms x 51cms which gives it ample space with three compartments.

You also get one-year international warranty from the date of the purchase.

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Best Backpacks for School Students in India Under ₹500 in 2021

This section list some of the best inexpensive school backpacks in India under ₹500, if you are running short on budget or need a school backpack for short time.

If you don’t want your coaching and school materials to overlap, these backpacks can be a great alternative to your primary school backpack.

Best Small School Backpack in India

In general, you do require a spacious backpack for school in India to accommodate all of your essentials. But, in +2 or for coaching, students generally prefer compact or small backpacks. They help in prioritizing the important stuff to carry and reduces the carrying load.

Quencha Nylon Small School Backpack

We picked ‘Quencha Arpenaz Backpack’ as the best compact school backpack in India. The nylon build of the backpack is tear and water-resistant and has a very lightweight construction of about 160 grams as this backpack is primarily designed for hikers (School or tuition is no less than adventure 😉). It is available in a bunch of colours including pictured Navy Blue, Black, Purple, Yellow, Red and Mint Green making it a choice for girls too.

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Chris and Kate School Backpack in India

Chris and Kate School Backpack

This navy-blue polyester school backpack with a tinge of light blue has three compartments and two meshed deep side pockets. The compartments have outer dimensions 45cms x 31cms x 20cms (LWH) to store up to 28 litres of volume. This volume is enough for a school backpack in India. It has water-resistant build and weighs about 400 grams.

Other than this, it has two handles at the top of the backpack which is rare to find among the peers. The padded handle is used for convenience while the non-padded handle is for hanging it.

Red is the other colour option.

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POLE STAR School Backpack in India

POLE STAR School Backpack

This polyester school backpack in India from POLE STAR, a bestselling backpack manufacturer in the budget segment uses red and black colour in the appealing design.

The padded back has a secure pocket for storing valuable documents and accessories like ID Card, mobile, cash, etc in a more protected environment.
Adjustable padded shoulder straps are ergonomically designed for convenience.

It can store up to 30 litres with the water-resistant as a result of outer dimensions of 46cms x 32cms x 20cms (LWH) with two compartments. It is also laptop friendly with a dedicated sleeve.

A Black colour variant of this backpack is available.

You get a seller and manufacturer warranty.

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AUXTER Music Backpack for School in India

AUXTER Music Casual Backpack

No one can ignore music lovers when making a comprehensive list of best backpacks in India in any range.

The classic black and white combination brings a premium look at a very inexpensive price.

The polyester build weighs around 250 grams and has a decent volume capacity for a high school backpack with one big compartment.

This school backpack is packed with most of the basic features like adjustable padded shoulder straps, zipper closure, back padding, water bottle pouch on side, front face pocket and so forth.

In black and white colour, other graphics options are also available at almost the same price for both boys and girls.

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Best School Backpacks in India Above ₹2000

This section houses some special backpacks in India from niche manufactures. They  focuses on experience, operational functions and appealing design. Keep in mind they might appear a  bit expensive (above ₹1500 and less than ₹5000) but are worth their prices.

Best Genuine Leather School Backpack in India

Genuine leather products have their own charm. And school backpacks made from genuine leather are no different. You may get the look of a genuine leather school backpack from a faux leather backpack but the texture, durability and feel is something you will crave for.

Scharf genuine leather backpack for men

Our choice for the best genuine leather backpack in India is from the house of Scharf. This top grain leather school backpack is made from five stage tanning. This makes it more expensive and tough among the peers with an opulent look and feel. The genuine leather in the construct makes it a bit bulky. And like most of the leather products, this one will also get more handsome over time.

It is also available in black and tan colour variants if you don’t prefer a brown backpack.

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Best Canvas Backpack for School in India

If you’re a fan of the classic war movies, you must be known with canvas backpacks. They were used by the soldiers at that time. With time, they are also known for their minimalist premium design.

kaukko school backpack

We are picking multipurpose khaki backpack from the international bag manufacturer Kaukko as our choice for best canvas school backpack in India. It can be utilized as a  casual backpack, a hiking backpack and a book bag. In the build, nylon lining is used along with the eco-friendly 16oz canvas.

The main compartment of this vintage school backpack has a rare drawstring closure and an internal organiser with a laptop sleeve. Zip closure secures the external pockets.

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Best Minimalist Backpack for School in India

Clean functional design to avoid clutter mark minimalism. Minimalist backpacks are at the core of minimalism.

American Tourister Minimalist Backpack Front and Back View

American Tourister Scholar Backpack” is a choice from a popular brand as the best minimalist backpack in India for school. The 840D polyester fabric water-resistant build has two full compartments with contrasting interior colour. The front face has a zipped pocket and a miniature American Tourister Branding.

Additionally, it can accommodate a 15.6-inch device in the laptop sleeve.

The experience can be driven to the next level with the black colour variant which is generally out of stock.

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All product images source: and respective brand websites at the time of writing this list. If you observe any changes please let us know in the comment box.

What to look in a Best School Backpack in 2021?

Before buying a best school backpack online for yourself, your buddy or child, you need to weigh it on certain parameters and criteria. Weighing it on certain parameters and criteria helps in knowing whether or not it satisfies the needs and wants of a school backpack. These factors and criteria may include:

Space or Storage Capacity of the School Backpack

In the Indian education system, students are required to carry a lot of book and notebooks to the school every day along with the other essentials. As a result, a spacious school bag with multiple compartments is the first choice to store everything without any hassle.

Bigger dimensions mean more space and also more load on the shoulders. So make sure the backpack is big but not bulky with proper padding on the back and shoulders to balance the weight.

School Backpack is Your Style Statement

Who wants to carry a dull, ill-fashioned backpack to the school where everyone wants to be trendy?

Firstly, the backpack you carry should share your personality and be your style-statement. This includes appropriate colours, front face graphics, quotes, etc. This is why you can find trendy school backpacks, classic school backpacks, vibrant colour school backpacks among others in this compilation of best school backpacks to suit your needs.

In addition, the design of the backpack needs to be versatile to fit all your needs. The need may include a tuition backpack, weekender trip backpack along with a school backpack.

The durability of the School Backpack

Nobody wants to change their school backpack every now and then due torn outer or inner layers, faded graphics or ill-working zippers. The school backpack you are going to order should be durable with strong outer and inner material. Various new technologies have been developed by manufacturers for prolonged durability like double-dot dobby fabric and waffle weave fabric.

Metallic zippers are preferred over plastic ones for extended durability. Rubber printed graphics tend to be more durable than other types of graphic prints.

Additional Features in a School Backpack

Other than the primary features of a school backpack, some supplementary features can increase its utility. The list of accompanying features comprises:

  • The school backpack needs to be water-resistant. This helps to protect your devices, books, notebooks, novel, journals and other documents from rain or splash of water (which is very common in school 🙂 ).
  • Internal organiser for quickly accessing go to essentials like a pen, pencil, ruler, ID card, etc. This will avoid the mess in primary compartments.
  • Side pockets for accommodating bottles and compact umbrella.
  • A padded handle on the top for convenience while holding the backpack in hands.
  • A number of pockets of different sizes to store tiffin, school diary, geometry box, etc.
  • Laptop compartment or sleeve to absorb shocks and safeguard your device whenever you carry it to school.

The Cost to Benefit Ratio of the School Backpack

The last but not the least, cost to benefit ratio of the backpack should be high with more functional features at an affordable price

In short, high-priced backpacks from leading bag manufacturers should be backed by superior material quality, convenience in carrying the backpack, comforting padding, lightweight construction, domestic or international warranty among others.

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