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The 10 Top & Best Wallet Brands for Men in India: A 2021 Ultimate Guide

Welcome to this ultimate guide to best wallet brands for men in India.

We have compiled this wallet brand guide for 2021 and beyond. As a result, they will be a statement in themselves for years to come.

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We are saying it to be the ultimate guide because it features the best wallet brands in three different categories, i.e., economical, budget, and premium brands.

We have discussed the heritage of brands, the types of wallets they market, and link to their portfolios on major e-commerce websites.

In short, this guide is the only source you need to refer on the web to know about the best wallet brands in India.

Let us dive deep into the world of wallets!

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Best Budget Segment Wallet Brands

The budget-segment wallet brands are for a normal Indian man who wishes to purchase a quality wallet under ₹2500.

These wallet brands for men are popular and gives instant recognition.


Titan is one of the most loved consumer brands in India. The Titan product range include analogue watches to gold jewellery to leather wallets.

In 1984, Titan started operations as a watch company. Today, it has evolved into a lifestyle brand with a comprehensive product range for every age group.

The primary reason behind picking Titan as one of the best wallet brands in India is their domestic legacy. Due to the rich decades-long heritage, they have become expert in understanding the needs and wants of Indian consumers.

When you check their wallet catalogue, you see wallets that are apt for a common Indian.

The bestselling Titan wallets have spacious cash compartments for an economy, which is still cash-driven. Moreover, the additional space gives you the liberty to store all the IDs and physical receipts without any worry.

Titan prices most of its wallets in the price range of ₹1000-₹2000. As a result, they are affordable to working-class Indians.

In short, if you are looking for a wallet brand that is easily recognizable in India, Titan is like the perfect choice.

Our Top Pick: Titan Brown Wallet for Men

Shop Titan Wallets on Amazon and Myntra


Tommy Hilfiger is a global fashion brand recognizable by the cetacean blue and crimson colour combination.

Founded in 1985 by fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, the brand has become the symbol of American coolness.

In other words, when you carry a Tommy Hilfiger wallet, you are showing your ‘cool’ side.

Currently, Tommy Hilfiger sells apparel, shoes, bags, watches, belt, and perfume apart from wallets.

When we specifically talk about Tommy Hilfiger wallets, they are sleek and stylish. Mostly made from genuine leather, they are ambassadors of captivating designs.

You can get both bi-fold and trifold men’s wallet from Tommy Hilfiger.

Our Top Pick: Tommy Hilfiger Cognac Men’s Wallet

Shop Tommy Hilfiger Wallets on Amazon and Myntra


Fastrack is a flagship brand from the house of Titan aimed at the growing youngsters of India.

In the Initial years, Fastrack only sold watches. However, over the years it broadened the horizon to include smart bands, eyewear, bags, wallets, belts, and perfumes.

It is common to spot a Fastrack accessory with college students and young professionals.

Fastrack wallets, like their other fashion products, have a youthful vibe associated with themselves.

Launched in 1998, Fastrack became an independent brand for urban youth in 2005.

The presence of 158 exclusive Fastrack stores in 79 cities shows the brand’s popularity across the length and breadth of the country.

Fastrack wallets in India are what we call “unconventional” and seek to add a unique charm in your personality.

Summing, if you want to share the energetic and youthful vibe, Fastrack wallets can be a great choice.

Our Top Pick: Fastrack Leather Wallet

Shop Fastrack Wallets on Amazon and Myntra


Founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler after split with his brother, Puma has transformed itself into a global brand with partnerships with leading sports personalities over time.

Today counted among the world’s largest sportswear brands, Puma produces a wide range of footwear, apparel, and accessories. 

Puma wallets for men are no different. They have a sporty edge showing your energy and competitive spirits.

The prominent Puma wallet collections in India include One 8 (Virat Kohli), BMW, Ferrari, and Puma Originals.

You can get both bifold and trifold wallets from Puma. Also, Puma wallets are available in genuine leather, faux leather, polyester, and fabric materials.

In other words, you can get a Puma wallet in material and type you prefer.

Our Top Pick: Puma One 8 Wallet for Men

Shop Puma Wallets on Amazon and Myntra


Designed for professionals, CROSS wallets are becoming popular among professionals in India. Indian professionals admire them for their fine artisanship and genuine leather build.

The designers at CROSS have designed these wallets in a way that you can keep your cash, cards, and IDs organised without making them noticeable thick.

As you can expect, they are available in colours that go well in a formal setting. Most CROSS wallets in India are available in black, brown, and dark blue.

You can get both horizontal and vertical wallets from CROSS as per your unique preferences.

Apart from producing wallets, CROSS has a range of leather products including belts, cardholders, messenger bags, and laptop bags.

In short, if you are looking for a leather wallet brand in India, which resonate with your business personality, CROSS is an apt choice.

Our Top Pick: CROSS Black Wallet

Shop CROSS Wallets on Amazon and Myntra

Best Premium Segment Wallet Brands

These are premium wallet brands for men. Most of the wallets from these brands are priced above ₹2500. We will be adding more wallet brands in future after thorough research.


Fossil, the international fashion brand, does not need an introduction to fashion-savvy people in India.

It produces excellent wristwatches, backpacks, handbags, sunglasses, and of course wallets.

They maintain eye-catching aesthetics and superior quality control throughout their range.

In their own words as mentioned on their official website, they are creatively … rooted in authentic, vintage, and classic design.

Apart from producing fashion products under their name, they have a licence for Armani Exchange, BMW, Diesel, and Puma products.

Talking about Fossil wallets for men in India, they have the classic bi-fold structure.

The genuine leather build and artisanship along with a recognizable brand name puts Fossil wallets in the premium category.

They usually come in shades of brown with a large cash compartment and plenty of card and ID holders.

In short, you will look ‘great together’ with fossil wallets in India.

Our Top Pick: Fossil Leather Wallet (Available in two sizes and four colours)

Shop Fossil Wallets on Amazon and Myntra

Best Economical Wallet Brands in India

Economical wallet brands are for individuals who are looking for utility wallets at inexpensive price tag. As a result, most of the wallets from these brands fall under the price range of ₹500.


Hornbull is one of the most popular wallet brand in India in the economical-budget segment.

The popularity for Hornbull brand comes from its good looking and durable wallets at an affordable price tag.

The popularity and customer satisfaction for Hornbull is evident in thousands of reviews on online e-commerce websites.

As a homegrown brand, Hornbull has tapped an exciting category: product combinations.  You can have Hornbull leather wallets in combination with either leather belts, keyring, or pen.

This discounted ‘combo packs’ are a hot choice as a gift for men.

As evident from combo packs, other products available under Hornbull brand are belts, passport holder, and wallets.

To sum up, Hornbull wallet brand is a top choice for men, if you are looking for the best wallets under ₹400 in India.

Our Top Pick: Hornbull Trifold Wallets (Available in three colours)

Shop Hornbull Wallets on Amazon


We love Hammonds Flycather.

The well-designed leather wallets from Hammonds Flycather have nothing fancy in their build. However, they can still make anybody fall in love with them at first glance.

How do they do it?

The answer lies in their minimalist designs. The minimalist designs hold your attention on Hammonds Flycather wallets every time you look on them.

When these beautiful looks combine with superior durability and performance, all you or anybody else can do is admire them.

Besides, the brand promises RFID protection for your cards.

Apart from regular brown and black colour, some of their wallets are available in distinctive colours to give your personality an edge.

Summing up, Hammond Flycatcher wallets should be your choice if you are looking for a wallet to complement your ‘no clutter’ life.

Our Top Pick: Hammonds Flycather Vintage Wallet (Available in three colours)

Shop Hornbull Wallets on Amazon


Kolkata based WildHorn is popular for delivering genuine leather products at an economical price tag.

We first came across the popularity and artisanship of WildHorn leather products when we were making a comprehensive guide to best leather messenger bags for laptop.

WildHorn wallets are no different; you get excellent wallets as a value-oriented shopper.

You can prefer WildHorn wallets if you like to have ‘evergreen bi-fold wallets’ in shades of black and brown.

WildHorn wallets are available on all major e-commerce websites; therefore, you do not have to worry about availability on your favourite platform.

Summing up, WildHorn is an economical wallet brand in India that adds value to your work or professional personality through organised wallets.

Our Top Pick: WildHorn Carter Leather Wallet (Available in more than ten colours)

Shop WildHorn Wallets on Amazon and Myntra


Urban Forest is another Indian wallet brand that has gained huge popularity on major e-commerce websites.

Thousands of positives reviews on Urban Forest wallets testify the ‘popular’ adjective.

The Urban Forest range includes messenger bags, satchels, and wallets for both men and women. Their complete range is available to shop on Amazon and Flipkart platforms.

The popularity for Urban Forest wallets come their build material, i.e., quality leather that gets more beautiful and handsome over time.

In terms of diversity, Urban Forest wallets are available in not so common colours like blue, teal, red, and crimson.

Like other digital (strong presence on digital platforms) wallet brands, Urban Forest also has combo packs for gifting.

The gifting solutions include belts, keychain and pen with the wallet at an affordable price point.

Our Top Pick: Urban Forest Oliver Wallet (Available in more than ten variants)

Shop Urban Forest Wallets on Amazon

Importance of carrying a branded wallet

Wallets are one of the underrated men’s accessory.

Apart from their utility in storing cash, cards, and IDs, they are your personality statement.

In other words, whenever you take out the wallet you carry, a bystander judge your preferences and choices based on it.

Therefore, it becomes important to carry a wallet that tells a story about your personality in the best way.

Nothing gets better than a wallet from one the top wallet brands to tell your personality.

When you buy a branded wallet, you are telling that I prefer superior craftsmanship, a great story, and wallets that last long.

Moreover, there are brand specific statements like Tommy Hilfiger for coolness.

Besides, a branded wallet gives instant recognition and adds value to your presence.

For these reasons, we strongly recommend buying a branded wallet.

If you have any suggestion or your favourite brand is missing from the list, please drop a comment. We will consider it.

Until next time

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