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Backpacks are a must-have for carrying things around. In fact, it is the most essential gear for school and college students. As they say, no other carrier beats the versatility of a backpack in carrying, so it also has a large base among working individuals who have a field job.

But there is a catch.

Not every backpack is the one you should use. Therefore our editors compiled this list of best and top backpacks in different categories and price ranges. This detailed guide will help you in selecting the right backpack which you will not regret to purchase.

Best Backpacks in India in different price ranges

Selecting a stylish and functional backpack in the budget is a headache. It gets even harder for lower price ranges. Hence, we dived into hundreds of backpacks available online. The outcome was categorised into different price ranges.  You can see these price ranges according to your budget. This way, you will have the right backpack in your budget.

Top Backpack Brands in India

Buying a backpack from one of the top brands minimises trust and performance issues. Here are some of the most popular backpack brands in India:

Best Backpacks in India in different categories

There are different types of backpacks available according to needs. We have handpicked few of top backpack in almost all the categories. This categorisation of backpacks will save time in finding the right type of backpack according to needs. 

Backpacks for both men women are present in these comprehensive lists. In addition, some unisex backpacks which are performing great in India are also given space.

Volume or space, design, durability, build material, appearance and so forth were taken into consideration before selecting the backpacks.

In Indian backpack market, consumers generally like polyester backpacks for their cost-effectiveness. Canvas and leather backpacks also have their niche audience. This is why we selected different construction materials in these lists.

Sit back, relax and find your next carrying partner.

Here is the list of categories: