School Bags

One can’t think of going to school without a school bag. It is an important part like uniform, books, learning, bonding and fun. This inspired us to put together the best school bags for girls and boys in India in 2019.

We have made this list of best school bags in India heterogeneous in terms of volume, design and price. This was done so that the needs of students from different classes and genders can be fulfilled in a single guide.
Before choosing a school bag, you need to check where it stands on some important functionalities. For instance, a water-resistant school bag is preferred for students who don’t commute in a school bus. Or, in another case, the school bus doesn’t drop them at their doorstep.

Take another example of dividing the storage capacity of the bag into compartments and pockets. This will help in avoiding the mess and organising books, notebooks and other accessories like geometry box, water bottle and of course tiffin.

One important specification which differentiates the best school bag from a regular one is padding on the back and shoulder straps. Thick lightweight padding eases the load on your shoulders and back other than decreasing the weight of bag construct.