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The 21 Best Handbags for College Girls to have an Unbeatable Look

Satchel, tote, sling or shoulder, what’s your choice? Well whatever it may be, it’s for sure that every girl adores handbag. Why won’t we? After all, it is the most essential accessory that may make or break our outfit. This is why we are here with the ultimate list of best handbags for college girls from the top brands in India.

But it’s not just about the look, is it?

The empowerment we get knowing that we carry the world inside our handbag is something that only us girls can understand. 

I mean, you want a lipstick? It’s inside the handbag. Want a book for a class? It’s inside the handbag. Want enough money to buy a shopping complex? It’s inside the handbag. Haha! Just kidding.

In short what we mean here is that we understand how a girl carries everything near and dear to her in a handbag.

We really do.

That’s why after a careful selection, we have come up with a series of top handbags for college. They are also perfect for brunch or dinner dates.

From basic blend-in utility handbags to a head-turning statement piece, we’ve included them all in this list of best handbags for college girls. Though two things remain the same throughout the entire selection- style and quality.

Look no further for the trendiest handbags in the market which serve various purposes at mind-blowing prices.

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax while we introduce you to the newest addition in your collection from the top handbag brands.

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Best Handbags for College Girls

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Caprese Handbags

Caprese handbags brand

How can we talk about handbags for college girls and not mention Caprese? Currently, it is the most sought after handbag brand by college girls in India.

This handbag is the chief example of chic colour and sleek design which is the proper Caprese approach. The satchel-style bag comes with 3 compartments and internal organisers accompanied by the classic metal brand logo.

Put it in your hand and you won’t need any other accessory to complete your look.

If you liked the style and the approach of this handbag, grab it now.

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cool handbag for girls
Caprese Felica Blue Tote
caprese black handbag
Caprese Black Handbag
Caprese Austria Handbag for College Girls
Austria Satchel from Caprese

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Lavie Handbags for College

Lavie's best handbag for college

Another household handbag brand loved by most girls in our country. When we hear Lavie, we hear style, compatibility and class.

Keeping this mantra in mind, we chose the best representation of Lavie through this textured red handbag.

This piece comes with zip closure and double-handles with multiple accompanying pockets. The textured faux leather pattern makes it a go-go for evening purposes along with its utility as a college bag.

It has plenty of space with two inbuilt compartments.

An all-rounder trendy bag for college with the assurance of Lavie, what’s more, to ask?

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Lavie Cielo handbag for college
Lavie Cielo Plum Handbag
white handbag from Lavie
Lavie Lander Handbag

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Diana Korr

featured Diana Korr handbag

Minimalistic in the most stylish way is the description that we have for this college handbag by DK.

The handbag brand brings you a cult favourite red shoulder bag which isn’t easy to miss.

The faux leather finish in the luxurious red colour makes it worthy of being showcased in an art museum.

Combined with a utility zipper, this one is a perfect representation of style and sensibility. The classy handles on the top make the carrying convenient.

If you’re a college student who just wants to make things classy, go for this elegant piece by Diana Korr.

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peach handbag for college girls from DK
Diana Korr Handbag for College (Peach)
black handbag for college girls
Diana Korr Handbag (Black)

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Giordano Tote for College

printed handbag for girls

As our next selection, we bring this stunning tote bag from the house of Giordano. Faux leather finish with double handle straps may sound like a regular tote, right? Look again.

The trendy prints of beige covering the entire bag take it from ordinary to interesting.

What’s more? Well, space! We wouldn’t have asked for any more space. With 26 x 40 x 28 cm dimensions, it can easily carry your books, files, iPad and all the miscellaneous things that you can think of.

If you’re not someone who likes the basic handbags or if you’re just tired of the plain design, this fashionable handbag may be the pick for you.

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blue tote bag for girls from Giordano
Blue Tote for College Girls from Giordano
Giordano women's habo at best price
Giordano Women’s Habo

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Lino Perros

stylish lino perros handbag

The internet is going crazy over Katrina Kaif being the new face of  Lino Perros handbag brand and so are we- well we are going crazy with over this particular handbag for girls.

First of all- the colour is simply majestic. A super elegant blush pink colour accompanied by the metal brand logo. The satchel style makes it compact and easy to carry.

Such a refined handbag at a fairly affordable price is like a dream come true, girls! What better than a blush pink satchel that can be carried almost anywhere? Nothing.

Grab this bag and you’ll feel like a million bucks just like Katrina.

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satchel for college girls
Satchel for College GIrls from Lino Perros
lino perros handbag
Lino Perros White Handbag

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Women Marks Handbags in India

Women Mark handheld bag

To keep matters humble, we have a super affordable option from Women’s Marks.

This handbag for college comes in a pretty shade of cream which is universally flattering with every outfit. But the point that makes it everyone’s choice is the presence of 3 main compartments.

Yes, you heard it right. Three main zipper compartments! Plus a detachable metal key-chain accessory. The flap that hides the main zippers makes the bag look even more interesting.

We highly recommend this bag if you want an affordable and trendy handbag without compromising with the utility.

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brown handbag for college
Brown Handbag from Women Marks
Purple handbag from Marks Women
Purple Handbag for College

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Hidesign Leather Handbags

Hidesign leather handbag

Every girl owns that one leather handbag that is her go-to choice from her collection. But does that girl have a leather bag not in the colour black or brown but in a sleek navy blue?

Well, you can have it. Thanks to Hidesign leather handbag brand, we present this super stylish faux leather handbag in a unique colour.

Navy blue textured body with grey handles and grey top border. The generous size and multiple compartments earn this handbag a 10/10 for utility.

All you’ve got to do is make this class-apart piece your own and throw any doubt about making an impression right out of the window.

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stylish handbags for college girls
Stylish Handbag for College Girls
genuine leather handbag for girls
Shoulder Bag for Girls

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Baggit Handbags

khakhi and orange handbag

Every girl owns or has owned a Baggit bag at least once in her life. That’s why we present this super chic shoulder by Baggit in khaki and orange colour.

It’s the perfect choice for college going girls who like some colour in their life.

It has the perfect amount of space for books, tablets and even a laptop.

The no-nonsense design provides a main zipper compartment with sturdy straps going all around the bag.

A super affordable choice for those who believe in quality with style.

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Baggit Clutch (Cranberry) for Girls
Baggit Girl’s Clutch
Olive Handbag
Olive Handbag for College

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ALDO Premium Handbags

ALDO handbag in champagne colour

This bag right here is what we call ‘guilty pleasure’. If you are in need of some retail therapy, we’ve got you sorted with this stunning piece by Aldo.

It has 2 compartments and 2 pockets and comes in the classy taupe colour. It also has metal accessories to complement the simple yet classy design.

The handbag comes with an adjustable sling if you prefer to carry it as a sling bag.

A perfect partner as your lunch or dinner date so that you don’t necessarily need a man on your arms.

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black ALDO handbag for college girls
ALDO Tote (Black)
ALDO Handbag in India
ALDO Handbag in India

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Cathy London Handbags for College

Cathy London Handbag

We saved the most playful option for the last from the house of Cathy London.

If any handbag before this didn’t catch your attention then this will definitely do.

Take a moment to appreciate the colour.

How often do you come across handbags with such a beautiful shade of orangish peach? Not often, we can bet on that.

Combined with one main zipper compartment along with multiple inner pockets, this bag comes with a detachable sling as well. It can also be converted into a satchel. And we get a metal hanging charm as well.

Overall, the design of the bag is stylish yet not too complicated.
What more to ask than a bag that is a handbag, satchel, sling bag and a shoulder bag at such a great price?

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khakhi handbag for college girls from Cathy London
Khaki Handbag
faux leather handbag for girls from Cathy London
Synthetic Leather Handbag

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