9 Best Leather Messenger Bags for Men in India

If there is something which every professional carry with him is a messenger bag. But not all of the messenger bags are functional and beautiful. This is why we compiled this catalogue of best leather messenger bags for men in India (2019 Update). This latest update will help you in selecting a leather messenger bag which will be beautiful and functional.

Moreover, you’ll not be required to check hundreds of products on the internet as we’ve already invested hours into making this guide.

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All you need to do is sit back, relax and see these 9 best leather messenger bags and select the one for yourself or your loved one.

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Also, if you want answers to some of the basic questions related to leather messenger bags as well as laptop messenger bags in India, you can visit this section: Frequently Asked Question About Leather Messenger Bags in India.

We have divided this guide of best messenger bags for men with laptop compatibility into different price ranges.  This was done so it becomes easy for you to select the right messenger bag in the budget.

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Best Leather Messenger Bags for Men in India under ₹2000

Best Leather Messenger Bag for Men under 2000: Hammonds Flycatcher

Hammonds Flycatcher Genuine Leather Laptop Messenger Bag for Men

Slim. Clean. Elegant.

Only these three words can describe the appearance of this beautiful messenger bag.

Designed from the Hammonds Flycatcher’s house, it is the best messenger bag you can buy for office under 2000 price range.

The minimalist exteriors of this two-compartment leather messenger bag for men come in the classic colour with wrinkles and scratches.

These unordered wrinkles and scratches prove the genuineness as they are part of raw skin. Other than this, the back exterior has a miniature Hammonds Flycatcher branding.

In the interiors, this messenger bag features a couple of pen pockets, regular pockets and one big zippered pocket. All these pockets will keep your stuff organised.

Both compartments share a common zipper on the top.

Bombay Brown NDM leather has been used in the strong build. Hardware like dog hook and buckles have been made from metal. Dog hooks are present at the end of the adjustable shoulder strap to detach it from the main body.

In essence, this messenger bag can be your next office partner to carry documents and laptop.

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Best Faux Leather Messenger Bag for Men: K London Leatherette

K London Leatherette Modern Messenger Bag

As mentioned earlier, if you’re looking for a low-cost carrier, faux or PU leather can be a solution. And this double stitched messenger bag for men from K London is one of the best in the class.

Tan and blue colour combination on the front exteriors make it an attraction machine. The other attraction point is the rounded corner on the bottom.

It comes with a padded grab handle along with sling for convenience while holding in hands.

The single compartment of messenger bag has dedicated space for a laptop, mobile phones and stationary. The laptop space can easily accommodate a 15-inch device.

Believe it or not, this comprehensive list of the best laptop messenger bag for men is inspired by this slim hunk.

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SCEVA PU Leather Messenger Bag for Men in India

SCEVA Leather Laptop Messenger Bag with Multiple Compartments

This light brown coloured messenger bag in India from SCEVA has a faux leather build like most of the peers in the price range.

The number of compartments can be a deal-winner for office persons. It has two compartments, one front pocket, one interior zipper pocket and two side pockets. Sales department persons will love this messenger bag which gives them more control over the organisation of stuff or products.

It is on the bulkier side in comparison to peers with a weight of about 1KG.

Other than this, it packs the standard features like zipper closure, laptop sleeve and padded handles.

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Best Vegan Leather Messenger Bag for Men in India: The Clownfish

The Clownfish Dark Brown Vegan Leather Messenger Bag

Here we are with another clean finish, slender, multi-compartment messenger bag. But this time in a faux leather build from The Clownfish.

This vegan leather messenger bag can easily accommodate a laptop of up to 14 inches in the laptop sleeve. The front face of this messenger bag for men has a zipped pocket for storing go-to essentials.

Adjustable shoulder strap with buckles on the extremes is detachable from the bag. On detaching it, the messenger bag transforms into a laptop briefcase. The grab or top handle is padded on top for convenience while using it as a briefcase.

It is also available in the chocolate colour other than the pictured dark brown colour.

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Best Vertical Messenger Bag for Men in India

BARBOSA Vertical Messenger Bag

Your hunt for a portable messenger bag can end with this vegan leather build. It has two compartments under snap-button powered flap, one of which is a vertical laptop sleeve.

This messenger bag for men also houses secure zippered pockets on the back as well in the interiors. This pockets will help you in guarding important essentials while travelling in public transport.

The packaging of the messenger bag mesmerises most of the buyers. One of the leading drawbacks of this vertical messenger bag for men is its weight. Even with the compact dimensions, it weighs around 1KG.

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Best Messenger Bags Best Messenger Bags for Men in India above ₹2000

In this price range, you’re going to find genuine leather messenger bags for men in India. Most of these messenger bags come from established brands. As a result, these messenger bags have a more ergonomic design.

Best Messenger Bag for Men in India: WildHorn

WildHorn Brown Laptop Messenger Bag for Men

WildHorn is known for producing bestseller messenger bags for men in India with contemporary design. This messenger bag is no different from its siblings on any of the dimensions. It features plenty of space in a lightweight build organised in a number of compartments and pockets.

This messenger bag for men is made from top-grain leather and features cotton fabric in the lined interiors. It can accommodate laptops of up to 15.5 inches easily in the laptop sleeve.

Zippered pockets are placed on the front face, back and interiors to store essentials according to their utility with security.

If you’re are looking for a genuine leather office messenger bag for men which can also act as an office briefcase, order this messenger bag now.

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Best Laptop Messenger Bag for Men in India: Le Craf Messenger Bag

Le Craf Leather Laptop Messenger Bag for Men

Made from pull up vintage leather in a timeless design, this messenger bag for men from Le Craf is special. It has a single compartment build supported by a number of pockets. The pockets include front zippered pocket, an interior pocket, laptop compartment and mobile phone/ tablet pocket.

It can act as an office briefcase with strong top handle and a removable wide shoulder strap. The wide shoulder strap is not made of leather.

With the dimensions of 7cms x 29cms x 38.5cms (HLW), it weighs around 1.5KG.

In short, it is “Absolute stealer at this price” as pointed out by Suman Bhowmick in his product review.

Other than the pictured brown, it is available in fancy Navy Blue colour.

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Best Black Messenger Bag for Men in India

WildHorn Black Genuine Leather Messenger Bag for Office

As we mentioned earlier, WildHorn is known for producing bestselling messenger bags for with contemporary design and this elegant messenger bag in classic pure black takes it to the next level.

The pure black colour can make your presence count in a client visit.

The primary compartment is spacious with a dedicated laptop sleeve with thick padding. It is assisted by a half compartment and a zipped front pocket. The interiors of these messenger bags are made from canvas.

All we can say about this black genuine leather messenger bag is ‘Go grab this black companion’.

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SCHARF Boston Sebastine Leather Crossbody Portfolio

If you follow e-retailing of leather bags, you must have missed SCHARF, which is a go-to brand in the niche.

It is primarily a leather portfolio which can be converted into a messenger bag with the provided detachable shoulder strap with brass fittings.

The retro design has push-button flap closure which encloses the zippered compartments and pockets. The back of the messenger bag has a zippered pocket which can have a high utility if you travel a lot in public transports.

Black, Brown and Tan are other colour options, all of which are complementary for a formal appearance.

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Best Leather Messenger Bag Brands for Men in India

This catalogue of best leather messenger bags for men in India features messenger bags from different brands.

Some of these messenger bag brands are industry leaders. While others are growing at a rapid pace with an increasing base of satisfied customers.

The high price tag of full grain leather messenger bags for men in India has a niche audience. As as a result, the popular brands which produce and delivers leather messenger bags for men are not as famous as American Tourister, Skybags, Wildcraft or Safari among others.

Here is a complete list of best leather messenger  bag brands in India:

  1. Hammonds  Flycather
  2. Scharf
  3. WildHorn
  4. Le Craf
  5. Barbosa
  6. The Clownfish
  7. K London
  8. SCEVA

Frequently Asked Question About Leather Messenger Bags in India

Why are leather messenger bags so expensive?

Full grain leather messenger bags are expensive than other types of messenger bags.

The high price tag is the result of a long laborious process which needs precision and special treatment at various stages. This precision and special treatment turn raw animal skin into a beautiful functional messenger bag.

But the high price tag comes with the charm of leather which gets more beautiful and attractive over time.

If you need inexpensive messenger bags, you can go with either a low-grade leather messenger bag or alternative synthetic leather or faux leather messenger bag.

A faux leather messenger bag does lack the characteristics of full grain or genuine leather messenger bag but gives an identical look at a cheaper price tag.

Why should I purchase a leather messenger bags instead of other materials?

Globally, leather messenger bags are evolving as an alternative to the bulky traditional hard briefcases. In addition to bringing the advantages of the traditional briefcases on the table, they also withdraw or minimizes the disadvantages.

When we are talking about the advantages which a leather messenger bags brings on the table, we are talking about portability, versatility, and security. It minimises bulkiness, hardness and structure.

Leather messenger bags are perfect for men who usually commute on a  bike or public transport. The long cross-body shoulder strap of the messenger bag gives better convenience, comfort and security.

The leather is a strong, heavy-weight, rugged build material. As a result, you have more freedom to use leather messenger bag in extreme conditions.

In short, messenger bags carry elegance with them which is hard to ignore and match with other types of bag.

What to look in Leather Laptop Messenger Bags for Men?

Water-resistant build

If not waterproof, at least a water-resistant messenger bag keeps your electronic device and documents protected during rain.

It becomes extremely necessary for working professionals as many times they carry important documents with them.

Unfortunately, most of the genuine leather messenger bags for men don’t have water-resistant build. Moreover, it is advised to keep a leather product away from water splash.

If you specifically want a water-resistant messenger bag, we suggest you faux leather messenger bags or some other alternate material.

Multiple Pockets and Compartments

Multiple pockets and compartments allow working professionals to effortlessly organise documents, electronic devices and accessories.

Similarly, students can also easily manage their plenty of books, notebooks, research papers and electronic devices.

Quick access pockets on the exteriors are deal-breaker due to their high utility scope. Internal pockets are helpful in placing important things safely.

The organisation and management of essentials object in messenger bags help in saving time.

In addition, a number of compartments and pockets help in avoiding clutter which may bring mental unpleasantness.


The type of appearance you want usually depends on where you want to take the messenger bag with you. Additionally, the culture of the institution also has an impact on the appearance selection of the messenger bag in India.

Leather messenger bags for men in brown and black are preferred for office and workplace. These colours have a better combination with other formal appearances like a suit, trousers, loafers, etc.

College students mostly prefer ‘young and vibrant’ colours to match up with their high energy level. Messenger bags for college students may also use multiple colours as they love to experiment with their accessories.

In the shell, it is recommended to stay classic with the messenger bags.


The final and most important criteria for choosing a laptop messenger bag for men in the leather build is convenience.

If the leather messenger bag doesn’t appear to be convenient due to weight, dimensions or material don’t buy it. Even if, it has a fantastic design or appearance.

A padded top handle is preferred with an adjustable padded shoulder strap for multi-utility.

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