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15 Best Waterproof Backpacks for Men in India (2021)

You’re about to read the most comprehensive guide on best water-resistant backpacks in India. This guide features the latest waterproof backpacks from 2021. Moreover, the guide covers water-resistant backpacks for school students and college students.

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Among the numerous factors which are taken into consideration before buying a backpack online in India, the water-resistant capacity is one of the primary factors. The water-resistant capacity depends upon the build material of the backpack.

There is a fine difference between water-resistance and waterproof backpacks. You can read about the difference between them on ViciousVenom’s blog.

In essence, water-resistant backpacks are able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely.

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Best Water-resistant American Tourister Backpack

American Tourister School Backpack

The one-time #1 bestseller backpack (in bags, wallet and luggage on, the AMT FIZZ SCH BAG 03 – BLACK is made of double dot polyester fabric. The cool black colour design with American Tourister written on it in gradient colours is an eyecatcher. In addition, the blue metallic zippers for extended durability give it a pop outfit. The pop outfit makes it a great choice for a college backpack.

Both sides are occupied with pockets to house sippers, bottles or umbrella. The water-resistant build of the backpack will protect your documents, books and notebooks.

It has adjustable shoulder straps. Moreover, it has rare to find two straps on the top. One of the straps with padding is for holding the backpack in hands with convenience. While the other one is for hanging it.

The backpack has ample space in the three compartments with dimensions of about 33cms x 22cms x 51cms.

American Tourister water-resistant Backpack

The leading drawback of this water-resistant backpack is that it doesn’t have a dedicated laptop compartment.

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Best Waterproof Backpack for Gym: Urban Tribe FitPack

Urban Tribe Black Gym + Laptop Backpack

Black is an absolute beauty. You can love it or hate it but can’t ignore it. This urban backpack from Urban Tribe touches the epitome of black beauty in a versatile and ergonomic design.

Don’t take us wrong. We are not exaggerating it.

This FitPack series backpack features a separate shoe compartment. This separate shoe compartment can be a great deal if you hit the gym or running straight from the office or college.

Urban Tribe backpack with shoe compartment and internal mess organiser

One side of this water-resistant backpack has a vertical cluster of organising pockets. While the other one has a bottle pouch. In addition to all of this, it has laptop compatibility for devices of up to 15.6 inches (diagonally).

In short, the high customer reviews on this water-resistant gym backpack reflect that in the polyester build, it can be a choice for anyone in the budget.

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Best Water-resistant Backpack in India (2021): Lenovo Laptop

Lenovo Blue Minimalist Backpack

Already featured as one of the best minimalist backpacks in India, this Lenovo laptop backpack is truly a masterpiece. We couldn’t think of any other water-resistant backpack in India to start this list.

The main compartment of this to-the-point water-resistant backpack features a laptop sleeve. This laptop sleeve can pack laptops of up to 15.6 inches. In addition, interiors have a couple of pockets which can be used to accommodate accessories.

The front face of this backpack has a miniature Lenovo branding other than a zippered pocket for a clean elegant finish.

Lenovo black and grey Minimalist backpacks

The unisex build of the backpack is available in three colours. If you don’t prefer the pictured blue colour, you can go with the classic black and grey colour options. These classic colours can be your preferred choice if you want to use this backpack for formal applications.

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Best Canvas Water-resistant Backpack: Kraptic Waterproof

Kraptic Waterproof Canvas MINIMALIST Backpack

This unisex canvas laptop backpack from Kraptick has a versatile design with a premium colour palette. The premium colour palette helps to engage the spectators and make you stand out in the crowd.

It also has a technical feature: USB port. This USB port can be used to charge your smartphone with a power bank kept inside the backpack.

When we talk precisely about the build material, Oxford cloth is employed in the outer material. While the interiors are made of Polyester. Leather is used to build the belts in the front of the backpack. The heterogeneous build weighs around 600grams with dimensions 5cm x 29cm x 15cm (HLW).

Kraptic Backpack MultiAngle view

It has two side pockets, a front face pocket and the main compartment.  The primary compartment has a dedicated laptop sleeve to protect your device. Adjustable shoulder straps are soft and comfortable. The offered price point is budget-friendly for most people.

Best Water-resistant Canvas Backpack

It is available in a plethora of colours including charcoal black, dark blue, grey, peacock blue, and wine red.

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Best Inexpensive Water-resistant Backpack in India: POLE STAR Hero

POLE STAR Happy Water-resistant Backpack

The most inexpensive water-resistant backpack in this list, POLE STAR Hero is also the #1 bestseller casual daypack. It has a positive design with the sky and navy blue in the colour palette.

Compartments in this backpack utilize handy zippers for easy opening. A mesh organizer pocket is also present in the backpack. Moreover, it has an easy access pocket on the front with an outer contrast panel.

Dimensions of 45cms x 32cms x 24cms obtain a large volume capacity for the backpack. The only side pocket can be used to store either a water bottle or umbrella. Padding is present at the back as well as on the base. The adjustable padded shoulder straps are targeted at men and women.

POLE STAR water-resistant backpack

In essence, it has everything the best water-resistant backpack in India needs to have at the most unexpected price point.

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Best Waterproof Backpack: Fur Jaden

Grey Fur Jaden Laptop Backpack

We are wrapping this guide on best water-resistant backpacks in India with the elegant grey and black coloured casual laptop backpack from Fur Jaden. It features some of the most outstanding features for a backpack.

The sophisticated design is waterproof and versatile with use in both work and college. Further, it uses Oxford fabric to make it durable and easy to clean.

The spacious laptop compartment can fit laptops of up to 15.6 inches, which also makes it the first choice for a water-resistant laptop backpack.

Grey Fur Jaden Backpack Specifications

It has a great cost to benefit ratio for a laptop backpack in Indian online stores.  In addition, you can charge gadgets on the go with the attached charging dock. Further, the seven inner pockets are more than enough to fit your laptop and other gadget accessories with ease.

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Best Small Waterproof Backpack: Puma Black

Puma Black water-resistant Backpack front face

This to the basics, small water-resistant backpack for causal purposes has only one compartment. The main compartment is supported by a half compartment cum a pocket on the front face. Further, the compact dimension in a thin material makes it super light.

The pure black polyester build with white branding from Puma can be a great choice if you’re looking for a reliable humble design for college or play. The humble design also makes it preferable for a work backpack.

Inside out Black Puma Water-resistant Backpack

Light padding is present on both the back as well as the shoulder straps. In addition, like most of the peers, this backpack uses metallic zippers instead of a plastic one.

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Best Waterproof Backpack for School in India: Wildcraft Wolf

Wildcraft Wolf Water-resistant School Backpack

Do you need the motivation to stay spirited throughout the day in school? Well, the wolf on the front face of this Wildcraft backpack can be a source of energy for you.

Check out this most spacious backpack in this list at an affordable price from one of the industry leaders. All these make it our first choice for a water-resistant school backpack.

The outer material is made of Nylon. The three backpack compartments have dimensions 10.5 inches x 13.5 inches x 19 inches for storing your books, notebooks, documents and other essentials. In addition, it weighs only about 400 grams with the lightweight construction plus padding on the back and shoulders for convenience.

Wildcraft Water-resistant Backpack for School

The side pocket for carrying bottles in this backpack is made of fabric. In addition, the multilevel organiser in the backpack can be handy for managing your go-to essentials with ease.

With all this, you also get a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

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Best Laptop Water-resistant Backpack in India: F Gear Luxur

F Gear Luxur Brown 25 Litres Laptop Backpack

One of the most stylish and comfortable laptop backpacks in India, F Gear Luxur is also an Amazon choice and #1 bestseller in laptop backpacks. Synthetic outer material powers the comfort and style in the backpack.

The compact dimensions of the laptop backpack allow it to fit laptops of up to 15.6 inches (diagonally). 33cms x 20cms x 44cms water-resistant build has two full compartments to accommodate essentials.

The backpack uses zip as the closure medium. The padded shoulder straps are strong.

F Gear Laptop Water-resistant Backpack

To conclude, it is a pitch-perfect choice for work or office backpack with the features you’ll use every day.

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Why you need a water-resistant backpack?

Many times, all of us carry important documents or devices in the backpack. It becomes necessary to have a waterproof or at least a water-resistant backpack. A water-resistant backpack will guard your important stuff against monsoon rain or a sudden splash of water.

To sum up, a water-resistant backpack will save you from getting into serious troubles to a great extent.

Special Note: These backpacks are characterized ‘waterproof’ on the basis of information available on authentic sources like and the brand’s own website. User research is recommended before purchase on by clicking on View Rating and Price. BestBagsIndia will not be responsible for the loss of any type caused.

Guide co-author: Alice Bajpai.

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